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2021 Jul 3 - Aug22 Jurassic X The Dinosa

Life Photo Studio in Hong Kong

1 Apr - 9 Jun 2021

“Life Photo” (인생샷) is used in Korea to describe the most beautiful and precious photos in one’s life. Since its initial launch in the winter of 2016, the “Life Photo Studio” exhibition has attracted local and overseas visitors alike hoping to get their perfect photos.

Each photo booth aesthetic falls under one of the following themes: Fun, Emotional, Cute, Interactive, and Unique. A total of 30 booths will be exhibited.

Jurassic X The Dinosaur Park

3 Jul - 22 Aug 2021

Billion years ago, the planet was governed by the ancient vertebrate beings —dinosaurs. One day, after several decades, the volcano erupted; the boiling lava covered the earth. Billion years later, underneath the cracked yellow-sand, the remains of Mesozoic rulers were buried deep down. Humans took up the chisels and dug up one after one bones of dinosaurs buried by history…


「Life finds a way」─Dr. Ian Malcolm〈excerpt from 《Jurassic Park》〉



THE ART OF DC: The Dawn of Super Heroes

3 Dec 2020 - 7 Mar 2021